Recovery From Ego Death

Years ago, I embarked on a perilous journey into the depths of my own mind, using psychedelics as a tool of exploration. I was seeking answers, insights, and truths that lay hidden deep within. And I found them - but at a great cost.

My mind was not ready for the intensity and the power of what I experienced, and I was plunged into a mental breakdown that nearly destroyed me. But I did not give up. I emerged from the darkness and began the long journey of rebuilding myself.

And now, I stand before you, reborn and transformed. I have learned so much about myself, about relationships, about identity, and about communication.

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Vidar Hesselstad
Student at Hyper Island

Waow Tomo, I was totally blown away by your book, finished reading the whole thing in one go!

Really impressed. You are open and manage to transform "vulnerability" into strength and growth. Your way of analyzing and reflecting on your journey, the events and the people in your life is incredibly interesting and inspiring. I will take with me many of the approaches, especially those around self-esteem and identity, something I related a lot to myself.

Want to thank you again, it was a real pleasure to read it and it will be fun to see what you come up with in the future!


It felt so nourishing to read from someone you know ! It was like reading Tomo's secret journal but with powerful anecdotes and lines you can learn from. Loved the way he writes, and wishing to read more from him and his experiences. Really inspiring!

Maria Serkova
AI Business consultant

Loved your book, Tomo, so honest and honestly insightful. Raw. You told stories that seekers relate to, anyway I do, so reading your book made me feel less lonely and freaky. I loved how the book lacks bullshit. However, it’s rich with good advice, even though there’s technically none written. I would give your book to any seeker in their 20s — not to give them shortcuts to learning and integrating, but to help them feel that even though to embrace being an explorer demands a great deal of courage, you will come back with things of amazing value to others, if you’re daring and truthful. Just like this book.

Digital Creative student at Hyper Island

Thank you Tomo❤️ I have read your book, it touched me. I feel grateful to hear about your experiences and thoughts. Need to let it settle a bit too hahah! And your message you wrote to me was very nice! You are a very genuine person and it shines through in your text❤️ I think your reflections put into words a lot of what I myself have been thinking about. It's very well-written, it's nuanced and exciting to read. Thank you.


I loved this book because it helped me realize important things and that not everything is as perfect as it may seem sometimes, as described in your book. I highly recommend buying this book! One of the best books I have read! 🧠💪🏻


Great, engaging, interesting to read! You write well 😊

Helena Myrman Farquharson
My mother

Just read out your 📖. I like it a lot, it’s nice that there are glimpses of humor despite the seriousness. It is important, necessary and keeps life going in the middle of shit. Hugs!

Alec Farquharson
My father

Hi Thomas (or should I say Tomo). I just read your book. It’s beautiful and so are you. I thought about picking it apart and mentioning things that you could have done differently. Then I realised that’s typical of me (my own personal flavour of dogma) and it’s not needed. Your writing is honest, unflowery and unpretentious. I really enjoyed every word. I learned some insightful lessons (old dog - new tricks) and it makes me so proud to be your dad. Also your illustrations are so beautiful. I use the word illustration in its real sense as they help describe the messages in the text very well. Lastly, you should write and illustrate more! You have a talent of cutting to the chase and expressing your feelings in a brutality honest way. Use it! I think for those that read your book, most will be able to relate to it. Even boring old people like me that don’t use drugs. Who perhaps don’t explore the inner self as much as I should and where my ego is still alive and kicking. Everyone can get something from your book so you are helping people which I know is one of the reasons you wrote it. (But not the only one I suspect ). I’m very glad that you wrote it. It helps me understand and appreciate more the beauty and the natural life force that you have inside of you. I’m so glad that you have learned and continue to learn how to harness this natural force that resides in us all and turn your back on negative man made constructs that imprison most of us to some degree or other. You are an inspiration to us all. Don’t let all this go to your head though :) when you fly to the skies, keep your feet on the ground. (That’s a half joke) Love Pappa 💕

Monique H
Sound healer

I enjoyed your book. It was an easy read and it flowed nicely. I just wished you spoke more about your recovery more than the "trips". You’re a good writer. I hope you can expand on your recovery and the truths you discovered. Good luck. Thank you. Monique

Executive Secretary

Thomas’ book is a beautiful insight into scattered minds and broken ego. Through his own life’s narrative, which he so honestly and eloquently projects on the pages, he brings the reader closer to what it means to “die inside” and what it takes to resurrect. The reader will also be taken on side journeys where important questions on love, sex, drugs, bodily autonomy, friendship, self-awareness and acceptance will be posed (and answered). I personally especially liked the last part of “unorganized and uncensored mind chatter” which was my experience with psychedelics as well. You just feel you’ve been given a glimpse of the ‘Elusive Truth’ and you need to note it down else you risk losing it forever. Thomas made it last and now invites readers to make their own sense of it. Or not.

Ida E
AI Business student at Hyper Island

I had such a hard time letting go of the book once I started reading it. I even had dreams about it. I’m so impressed by you. You’re truly inspiring and so thoughtful and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. I’m definitely re-reading it. Thank you for sharing your story!

Chris A

Dear Tomo, just wanted to say that "Recovery from ego death" was such a satisfying read. I loved the writing style, and the clarity and openness with which you wrote it. Psychedelics are such potent things and provide such rich insights - I’ve never done huge doses but they really saved my life (ayahuasca mostly). I hope you continue to write and explore this weird thing called life in satisfying ways. Take care, Chris

Alicia Ljungman
Student at Hyper Island

Soooo.. started re-reading your book from scratch cuz I really wanted to take it in//appreciate it from start to end. And I finished it yesterday (I read now again, every night before I sleep!) I LOVE it!!!! Some really really good insights and nice words, much appreciated. Awesome drawings as well love the style!!! Looking forward for your next book project (no rush though)👀👀👀


Started reading your book yesterday and WOW how good it is! Really like your language, so funny and inventive, and am so impressed by the drawings, and the content too of course! Feels like reading a biography of a wise and influential multitasking celebrity. Very inspiring! So thanks! ❤️🙏✨

Mentioned in the book

Just finished! I deeply enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your experiences so openly 💕 I am so grateful to know you and have shared such magical moments in your presence. Thank you for opening up your heart to me 💞


I finished the book ❤️ I read it with your voice haha. I really loved it!!!! You have a lot of humor when u write and such an ease to be vulnerable. Your drawings are 10/10, I feel like you should try and also do comics, you’d be amazing. I feel like I know you a bit more, but also I feel that some of the things about you I already knew but I didn’t know how much, for example, I’ve noticed since I met you that you are a caretaker and sooooooo empathetic. I felt a bit pissed at the beginning with the whole Luna situation with how willing you were to put your needs last for somebody else. I liked your book I started reading it today and finished reading it just now, couldn’t stop reading 🫶


Really liked your book, both text and pictures. Appreciate the personal comment to me ☀️ Although it tells about the darkness in your life, it feels like a story about optimism and freedom. You are a skilled storyteller, well done!

Sunhwi Lee
AI Business student at Hyper Island

Finished your book. Many thoughts and feelings still linger. I do want to say that when I realized why you made the appreciation to your sister and her kids, even though it’s a complete understatement to say that my heart was filled with warmth. Very happy for you, very proud of you. I feel like I understand more about who you are and sincerely hope that I can be a better friend. I came to realize that I wish I can express my story in any possible way in the future. I was immensely inspired.


ur such an inspiring soul and i’m so glad i got ur book. couldn’t help but to binge read it lmao :’-) keep doing ur thang (vegan) chicken wang

Musician & student at Hyper Island

Completed. Or not. I’m going to read it again. And again if I need. When I see Tomo I have to thank him for this gem of a book. The level of honesty with Self, I think I connected to that the most. Tomo’s story reminded me of my own experiences and thought processes in some areas. He brought something back that can be used to help others. Maybe to feel more connected than we may or may not be.

Student at Hyper Island

I finished your book! Loved it. Felt personal and at the same time almost fictional. I enjoy reading about people’s adventures that are different from my own experiences of being a young adult. Also really liked your illustrations 👏

Renato Moretti
AI Business student at Hyper Island

Hi Tomo,
there’s something in your book that makes me feel like I want to know more. It’s not because I really need to due to some lack of clearness, but because your words are free from judgement, resentment, self pity. I could be wrong, but I can imagine how long and deep must have been the process of stripping those words of their heavy envelope to allow us to read about you with no fear. What can I say? Thank you.

Student at Hyper Island

Hi Tomo! Saw your post about your book at a very timely moment. Bought and just finished reading it! You write incredibly beautifully, thank you for sharing your story and your talent! I myself went through what I thought was a derealization almost 2 years ago. Guess maybe it was a psychosis, much much milder than yours, but it still occasionally comes knocking and says hello. It was nice to recognize myself in certain pieces and it gave me peace and a spark ✨ Thanks! Kind regards Linda

Dave Elmiger
Psychology student & musician

I read your book last night! Absolutely loved it, I was hooked and had to finish it in one sitting because it was so well written :D I loved your writing style and just the authenticity in general and just how unfiltered it feels. It’s so personal man. You went through so much shit. Glad you came out again on the other side. It’s so rare to have people open up and show themselves to the world like you do. So inspiring man. What an interesting life you’re having, sounds like a crazy movie in the book haha, no joke!

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