Take a moment to browse through my playful ideas.

Guess The Animal
Try to guess which animal is being displayed using only a few visible pixels. As you progress, the game gets harder and more rewarding. It's quite addicting, so be careful!

Logic Master (Github)
As I tried to learn how logic gates (XOR, ADD, OR) work myself, I built a tool to visualize the connections between them as I know that getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn difficult problems.

Mathsweeper (Github)
Mathsweeper is the ultimate challenge for Minesweeper fans. Instead of numbers, the game features math problems that guide you as you try to clear the board. Flag mines with a long click, and see how fast you can solve the puzzles. Can you master Mathsweeper, or will it defeat you first?

Listen To The Ocean (Github)
In this game, you play as a guardian of the ocean, collecting trash before it harms the wildlife. With over 60 different species of fish generated by AI, you'll see the beautiful, fragile world of the ocean and how important it is to protect it. Share with your friends and raise awareness of the ocean's fragility.

the. creAtivitʸ un—helper
This tool for artists uses the power of wrong answers to challenge your assumptions and spark your imagination. Focusing on "right answers" leads to silly perfectionism and creative blocks.

ctrl (Github)
The minimalist note-keeper automatically saves your notes in your browser, so you never have to worry about losing your important ideas. But be warned: this tool is in beta, and your notes will be deleted if you clear your browser history.